Employee Vacations = A Deep Cleaning Opportunity

Although spring is commonly considered the best time to do annual cleaning, even in the workplace, summer cleaning makes more sense—when workloads are generally lighter, and many employees are away from the office on vacation.


Because a thorough office cleaning requires re-arranging furniture and equipment and setting up for cleaning devices and procedures, having a less populated work environment in summertime allows commercial cleaning service professionals to conduct a more thorough cleaning in all areas.


There are many benefits to conducting a thorough deep cleaning of your workplace during summer, an often overlooked but important one, is the psychological boost that comes when employees return from vacation—in a fresh and clean environment. A summertime deep clean also helps enhance regular janitorial services throughout the upcoming months.


A clean and organized workplace gives your employees a sense of well-being and provides a healthier environment—and as a representation of your company and its brand—it is also something a visitor (even if subconsciously) first notices when entering your premises.


Other benefits of maintaining a high standard of cleanliness in your office or work facility include the reduction of both the spread of illness and employee absence due to sickness; overall improved health and safety for employees and visitors; better organization and upkeep of work environment; and an increase in staff morale and productivity.


ServiceMaster Clean have been leaders in the commercial cleaning services industry for 70 years. Our commercial facility and office cleaning specialists suggest the following checklists for your summertime office cleaning routine.


Summer Office Cleaning Checklist



  • Clean and sanitize toilets thoroughly inside and out
  • Sanitize and clean sink area and walls
  • Clean and polish mirrors
  • Empty supply receptacles, clean and disinfect
  • Restock bathroom supplies
  • Check to ensure all fixtures and facilities in bathroom are in good working order
  • Clean, disinfect and polish floor


Kitchen/Cafeteria Area

  • Empty the fridge and discard expired perishables before cleaning and disinfecting inside and out
  • Clean and disinfect dishwasher inside and out
  • Wash and restock all utensils
  • Clean and disinfect all cooking and reheating appliances
  • Refill and restock all kitchen supplies such as paper towels, dishwashing liquid and hand soap
  • Clean, disinfect and polish floor


Entranceways, reception areas and meeting rooms

  • Clean and disinfect all trash cans and replace bin liners
  • Clean and disinfect all high-touch surfaces such as door handles, desktops, and elevator areas
  • Have all windows and glass partitions cleaned inside and out


Floors and Carpeting

  • Thoroughly vacuum all carpets; spot clean to remove stains
  • Contract a commercial carpet cleaner to deep clean carpets at least once a year
  • Deep clean tile and grout floors; refinish tile floors
  • Strip and wax floors
  • Clean and polish hardwood floors and baseboards


This summer, consider scheduling a deep-clean with a professional commercial cleaning services company to thoroughly clean and refresh your office and help maintain a high standard of cleanliness and organization into the upcoming seasons. Contact the experts at ServiceMaster Clean to keep your office or commercial facility clean and healthy year-round, on a schedule and budget that works for you.