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Parlee McLaws is a large, regional, multi-service law firm working on behalf of local, national and international clients. Their expertise across a variety of service areas have contributed to their clients’ success and to the province of Alberta’s growth for more than 100 years.


  • A dirty porcelain floor due to worn off wax and poor maintenance in a high traffic and high visibility area.


  • Stripping of old wax and a deep clean before the application of EPIC® High Performance Floor Finish.


  • A like-new floor with virtually no maintenance!
  • $13,000 – 38,000* saved over 5-10 years!


As one of Western Canada’s leading law firms, the offices of Parlee McLaws needs to project that same image – LEADER. Unfortunately, the porcelain floor that had been installed some time ago, no longer helped the cause. At the time of installation, a wax finish had been applied. However, due to simple wear and tear as well as a lack of maintenance, the wax had become dirty and even worn in highly used areas. This was noted particularly in the main reception and work room areas of the law firm.

Upon visual inspection of the floor by Mark Leviste, the Operations Manager of the local ServiceMaster Clean franchise, he knew he could rectify the problem! Two potential fixes were presented to the client:

  1. Strip and Re-Wax – This would require, at minimum, annual applications to maintain the result that the client needs.
  2. EPIC – A high performance floor finish that, once applied, requires very little maintenance other than a wet mop to keep clean! And, its lifespan of approximately 5 years means virtually no maintenance over that same time!

While Parlee McLaws appreciated having options to select from, ultimately, they chose to go with the EPIC solution. While the cost of an EPIC application is higher than a single strip and re-wax application, it was the $ savings, and perhaps more importantly, the time and energy savings of not having to strip and re-wax on an annual basis that turned the tide! The client couldn’t be happier with the like new floors that resulted!

“Epic floor covering looks clean, like glass, and will make any floor sparkle. Easy to maintain and lasts for years.
The best part of ServiceMaster was that I could completely trust their team to do a great job!

Dawn Brady

Facilities Manager

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