Company Profile

Parlee McLaws is a large, regional, multi-service law firm working on behalf of local, national and international clients. Their expertise across a variety of service areas have contributed to their clients’ success and to the province of Alberta’s growth for more than 100 years.


  • Dirty office chairs that the company was unable to maintain and keep clean due to traffic and dust build up.


  • Implementing a regular office chair cleaning program to heighten and improve the appearance and appeal of the furniture.


  • Increased life span of chairs by 4-7 years resulting in decreased furniture costs!


As one of Western Canada’s leading law firms, the offices of Parlee McLaws attracts some of the country’s top legal talent. Yet, it is only able to do so when the environment they work in is also in top-notch shape! This, unfortunately, was not the situation at Parlee McLaws head office in downtown Calgary The furniture, specifically their office chairs, were taking a beating. Worse yet, the beating showed!

As a busy office, there was and is a high amount of traffic in and through their offices resulting in dirt and dust build up on the chairs Their infrequent cleaning could not save the chairs with the end result of short lifespans and high furniture costs due to replacement needs.

John Thyssen, an Account Manager for the local ServiceMaster Clean franchise operator, knew he could help fix the situation! John had been the go-to guy for Parlee McLaws’s Facility Manager, Alison Bergh, for all the cleaning and maintenance needs for the law office’s carpet and marble. John quickly instituted a regularly scheduled chair cleaning program to help fend off the dirt and dust along with the other services he was already providing Parlee McLaws.

The result…

  • Clean office chairs with an increased lifespan, by as much as 4-7 years longer than previous --- simply by maintaining their top-notch condition!
  • PLUS a bonus side-effect — the regular cleaning reduced the spread of germs during cold and flu season resulting in decreased sick days by office personnel!

“ServiceMaster Clean, on top of our annual carpet and marble maintenance, has started to complete annual task chair cleaning for our company. This service ensures that all our office chairs stay in excellent condition reducing the need for replacements as well as reduces the spread of germs during cold and flu season.
This service has brought value and savings to our facilities program!

Alison Bergh

Facilities Manager

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