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A fully integrated, privately held real estate company based in Calgary, Alberta. Aspen, together with investment partners, own and manage a portfolio that includes eight buildings in downtown Calgary and two in downtown Edmonton.


  • Maintaining and cleaning entryway matting with embedded white company logos, especially during winter months.


  • Specialized cleaning processes for salt removal.


  • Increased lifespan of mats!
  • Improved appearance and air quality for all tenants and guests!


As a real estate company, Aspen Properties knows something about retaining and maintaining value! Based in Calgary, Alberta, Aspen Properties also know the challenges of Alberta winters, specifically the issues that subsequently arise from the use of salt during snowy, winter periods.

Salt gets everywhere… it’s inevitable! While property managers typically use dark entry mats for buildings due to their ability to hide dirt, the dark colours only seem to highlight dried salt stains which get tracked into buildings on shoes and boots. To aggravate the situation at Aspen, their entryway custom matting prominently features the company’s logo in white. A challenging combination!

Initially, Aspen had turned to their in-house janitorial cleaning vendor for assistance on their winter matting issue. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, the janitorial vendor was unsuccessful. At this time, Monica Schiwy, Facility Manager of Aspen Properties, was approached by John Thyssen, Account Manager for the local ServiceMaster specialty cleaning franchise.

As a specialty cleaning company, John was familiar with the problems that Monica was facing. He quickly put together a highly effective program incorporating a specialized process that not only addresses the salt in the entryway mats but also helps to maintain their embedded white logos. Monthly quality inspections were also put in place during fall, winter and spring months to ensure conditions meet Aspen’s expectations.

The end result of all these efforts? Improved appearance and lifespan of not only the entryway mats but also common area carpets as regular servicing of the mats prevents tracking of excess salt onto the carpeted areas. And the ultimate outcome? Increased ROI on these building essentials and untold dollar savings!

Over the years, ServiceMaster has built a trusted relationship with many of its customers. Aspen Properties is no different! As the property manager for a number of buildings in the Calgary area, Aspen now relies on the services of ServiceMaster Clean in a number of areas including special upholstery cleaning, hard floor cleaning, post-construction cleaning and tenant maintenance programs. In fact, our customer-centric approach has earned us a listing as the “Preferred Vendor” for all supplementary services within Aspen Properties’ tenant leases!

Our carpets have never been maintained as well as they are today, now that we are using ServiceMaster. We recommend John and his team to all our tenants in the Complex as we know we can count on them to provide our tenants a great service. Anytime we need them, they respond quickly, we can count on them to do the job and do it very well.
John and his team provide a high-quality service and we are very happy customers.

Monica Schiwy

Facilities Manager

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